LED Lighting

Leds4you Maritiem has a complete range led lighting with which you can directly start very easily save on your energy costs and contribute to a better environment. Our lighting products can be supplied with all common fittings, where the LED bulb usually looks the same as the current incandescent lights, only with this difference: your energy consumption will be a lot lower and their will be less heat released.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. There is one current through the diode light as electronic component lets go. The technological development is already so far advanced that excellent LED lighting can function as the replacement for the conventional lighting and energy-saving lamps. The LED light bulbs of Leds4you meet high quality standards and are CE and ROHS certified and an excellent warranty program on LED products is provided.

Custom solutions

Leds4you Maritiem stands with her products also for custom solutions. We work with local, regional and international certified installers. After using our LED products, our customers receive an light-energy savings report including a ECO-certificate.